Ready, Steady, Go!

My name is Norman or, in Gaelic, Tormod. I’ve been trying to get my latest English language book, A Half-Breed Looks Back, into print for almost six months now, to no avail. My poor wee manuscript is, figuratively speaking, covered in bruises from publishers poking at it with ten-foot poles. For a limited time, I’m going to post slices from various chapters in blog form. I’ll do this on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until I have evidence, one way or another, that there is measurable demand for my stuff. Please share with anyone who may be turned on by my ramblings about slum life in 50s Glasgow, undergraduate lowlights and a veteran entertainer’s return to the Hebrides.


8 thoughts on “Ready, Steady, Go!

  1. Knew Harris in the 40s, Glasgow in the 50s and left it all behind to journey to Australia in 1961. But all the memories still linger and I look forward with heat anticipation to your memories and stories, especially of the people – their kindness, humour and daily endeavours.

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  2. I`ll be eternally grateful that you didn`t turn up that night all those years ago a Thormoid but I`m quite sure you will turn up this time! Looking forward to your blog and especially to what I hope will be the highlight – the veteran entertainer`s return to the Hedrides! Gach deagh dhùrachd, Donnchadh

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